Close your eyes. Imagine you are home. You’ve had a good night’s sleep, but decide to sleep just a little bit longer. After a while, you rise and decide you are ready to eat breakfast. You choose your outfit and go to the kitchen. You are greeted by the smell of bacon and eggs and enjoy your breakfast and coffee with one sugar and milk. You take in the companionship of those around you. There is laughter and conversation.
Imagine a day when you open your eyes to find that you are in a nursing home – not your traditional nursing home, but one that has embraced culture change. It is a home full of staff who are there to help you, honor your wishes, believe in you, care for you. But they do it on your terms. You are surrounded by staff members who know your first name, your children, what you like to eat and what your passions are. Their mission is to meet your health needs, but also to support you in living your life the way you always have.
Culture change is not a passing trend but rather the path to the future. More and more Maine long term care homes have begun on this journey. The Maine Culture Change Coalition/LANE is a group of dedicated supporters and stakeholders working as partners to promote and foster culture change to improve the quality of life in all settings where long term care support and services are delivered. If you would like to be a part of this exciting process, use the contact us button to sign up for email notifications of meetings and events. Join others who share an interest and passion for culture change in Maine!

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